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About Umeed IVF & Fertility Centre

Founded in 1980 by Dr.R.P.S Virk, one of the pioneer Surgeons in Punjab. Virk Hospital and Maternity Home has been one of the leading advance surgical centres in Punjab..the healthcare verticals of the hospital span Surgery, Minimal Access Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cardiac Care, Urology, Infertility Centre, a fully equipped ICU, Diagnostics ,Test Tube Baby Centre. Virk hospital has been consistently providing excellent services with its dedicated team driven by a thrust to provide the best medical care. Virk hospital added another feather to its cap with Umeed IVF and Fertility Center, One stop destination for all infertility problems including male and female.

Providing full range of state of the art services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including IVF . For the 9 million women and 2 million men who are dealing with infertility the process of diagnosis and treatment can be a long , lonely and difficult path. Umeed IVF and Fertility Center provides a newfound hope for couples by its state of the art clinic, experienced team of doctors and staff.patients are seen in a caring environment where our main aim is to provide technological excellence,accesibility,personal attention and emotional support. The team Umeed IVF and Fertility Center takes pride in providing about 6000 successful pregnancies.

Umeed - the fertility treatment center that functions on the principles of excellence works through a fertility clinic that is aimed at offering the highest standards of care to every single patient that walks in. We believe that all of our patients have their very own specific needs, which need to be paid attention to with personalized services and utmost compassion.

Ever since the inception of Umeed, our team of infertility specialists has helped hundreds and thousands of patients with their pregnancy related issues. We have made it possible for our patients to achieve pregnancy through some of the best infertility treatment protocols. These include medications, the most proficient and successful Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or Artificial Insemination programs through donor or partner sperm, along with hi-tech ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures like In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Led by Umeed, the Virk Hospital in Phagwara has been delivering high quality services for the past thirty five years to couples that came to us with hopelessness regarding their pregnancies. Believe it or not, but we have helped thousands of couples.

What drives the proficient and highly qualified team at Umeed is their integrity, commitment, technical and medical excellence, personalized services, innovation and their persistent willingness to reach out and help patients that come to us in the worst of circumstances, with no hopes of ever seeing a ray of sunshine for their pregnancy!

We will give you hope - we will give you Umeed! Stop being hopeless and helpless, come to us with your problems and let our specialized team make things happen for you!



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